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Author Topic: Help in GameCube Loading Backups  (Read 1319 times)


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Help in GameCube Loading Backups
« on: August 10, 2015, 02:16:03 PM »
Hi all, I have a big problem.

So I burned an ISO of Super Smash Bros. Melee to a 4.7 GB Verbatim DVD-R disc to play on my Wii (I'm not sure what model it is, but I got it in late 2008 and it is a white one.) It's only the one game, and there are not multiple games on it. It was burned with IMGBurn.

So I went to load it using NeoGamma Auto Launcher, and as soon as I did this, it flashed a green screen and reset my Wii. I tried to load it with some other applications that were previously installed on my Wii, like WiiGator and GameCube Backup Launcher. All the same result.

I look up solutions on how to do this and it says that I have to download MIOSPatcher, or a similar program.

So I go to take out my SD Card on my Wii, which is a 2GB Sandisk For Wii. I put it in my SD USB adapter and load it on my computer, and it says, "You must insert a disk in Drive D:", even though the SD card is already firmly inside my USB adapter. So basically I can not use an SD card to add MIOSPatcher.

But then I realized that I do have an external hard drive which I put my normal Wii games on, so I decided to try to use that (I use it to play Wii WADs on WiiFlow and USB Loader GX.)

So I take my external hard drive and I plug it into my Windows 7 Home Premium computer, it brings up a message saying, "You need to format the Removable Disk in order to use this Drive." Formatting means to lose all my files on the drive, and I don't want to do that because I will have to get all the ISO files back, which will take a lot of work.

So basically, I have no way of getting MIOSPatcher or any other software other than what I currently have at the moment.

Is there any possible way to play my disc without any other installations (keep in mind I use NeoGamma Auto Launcher) on an SD card?

And if there is not a way to avoid the resetting of my Wii, is there any way for me to fix my hard drive and SD card?

And if there still isn't a way to avoid that, how should I treat it?