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Author Topic: Site Improvements  (Read 612 times)


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Site Improvements
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:16:42 AM »
I know there's a suggestion thread.  That thread has served a great purpose and will continue to do so in ways this thread will not.  In this thread I want you to answer the following question:
At some time randomly in the future a mysterious update addressing many 128bit site problems appears.  What's on the changelog?

While this could be a forum game, it's not.  It's in General Chat.  I want feasible answers.  I think most of you understand that I can't just wave a magic wand and make all the dead links come back to life.  I can do things like layout changes, additional features, removal of features, anything to do with the user and uploader experience on the website itself.  Feel free to suggest things that are a little crazy, but not "Oh you guys should sell movie tickets because the only things I do on the internet are buy movie tickets and download 6th gen games" crazy.

I may discuss certain suggestions for clarity or debate, but don't ask when this update is coming.  It's hypothetical at this point; this is just thinking out loud.  The goal is to identify the biggest issues with the site so that in the future improvements could be rolled out efficiently.  What are the biggest issues YOU have with 128bit?  I'll start:

Mysterious Changelog:
-New Mobile Theme that actually works instead of the terrible one we have now!
-Official twitter account to issue important announcements such as explanations for downtime!
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