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Author Topic: StarFox 64 3D Review  (Read 1395 times)


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StarFox 64 3D Review
« on: April 11, 2012, 08:11:55 PM »
"Carpal Tunnel"

To start this review, I want you to know that I LOVE the Starfox franchise and have beaten them all including the original Starfox 64, which I have been able to beat on Hard Mode without even losing a wing through the hard route. In saying this, I will continue with my review.

First off, unless you feel like playing the game completely awkward, Type 2 controls is the closest you will get to the original Starfox 64 controls with "B" being lasers, "Y" being bombs, "A" being brake, and "X" being boost. Now, if you try to combine shooting with boosting, you're in for a gimped and spasming hand from trying to reach around the 3DS to press the buttons on that awkward of an angle and added in the fact of mashing the laser button along with that, THEN add in trying to barrel roll. It ends up being a horrible mess causing your hands to cramp up EXTREMELY fast.

Now, as for gameplay, the graphics are beautiful, 10, the voice acting is no where NEAR the quality of the original (Which to be honest wasn't all that great to begin with) 4, and the control scheme and playablilty for more than 5 minutes, 2.

The game was a breeze though the aim reticule was no where near the hitbox size it showed unless you had hyper lasers, even then it still wasn't 100% accurate, in saying this, trying to do the final hard route StarWolf battle with only having a single laser, you might as well throw your 3DS out the window for how ridiculously you'd wish you were an octopus... With having to protect your incompetent team mates every 3 seconds along with saving your own fragile self, barrel rolling, firing your laser, U-Turning, Somersaulting, and steering all to avoid and try to counter is nearly impossible, add on the fact that if one of your team mates go down, that's one more bogey on your tail.

I find the game WAY to out there for what the controls were able to do for it. Now in saying this all, it might have just been how I played it with my control scheme, but for the way I did it, it was nearly impossible and I ended up rage quitting. I'll probably pick it up sometime down the road and beat it, but as for now, it goes back into the cabinet.

Reviewer's Score: 4/10, Originally Posted: 09/12/11

**Almost immediately after posting this review on GameFAQs, I tried the second control scheme and immediately felt at home, the game controlled 50x more smoothly and made the game playable. Basically this game is an upres'd version of the N64 version, with a lower quality voice acting cast. After playing the game with the second control scheme, I found the game much more enjoyable but because of the bad voice acting:

Reviewer's Final Score: 8/10


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Re: StarFox 64 3D Review
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2012, 06:31:59 PM »
you might as well throw your 3DS out the window for how ridiculously you'd wish you were an octopus...

lol, that octopus quote reminds me of tentacle sex octopus, from FF6, Ultros.
lol he'd say, "what a pretty little game, i do love em pretty, I'm joking, you think i was serious?"

 yeah, i played the game, bought it second hand from the store for 32.00 euroes,
beat n64and 3dsmode easy path, not to hard to play, never used gyro controls,
the n64 ver's better,
i enjoy playing kid icarus uprising more than this, it's nice but kid icarus is much better and more addicting to play.

nice review, pyrompest :)