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Author Topic: Mario Kart 7 3DS Review  (Read 986 times)


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Mario Kart 7 3DS Review
« on: December 30, 2011, 12:56:43 PM »

Wikipedia Page

Mario Kart is back and is better than ever. In this Mario Kart installment, you can utilize kart customization by collecting coins, download and share ghost data using Street Pass, play online with up to 8 other players, unlock special new characters Wiggler, Honey Queen, Lakitu, and Metal Mario, along with using your saved Mii, glide through the air, propel under water, perform tricks for speed boosts, and use new items like the Fire Flower and the Lucky 7! The game brings back the great gameplay mechanics of Mario Kart DS but with the added graphical update made possible by the 3DS's hardware and the enhanced framerate and soundtrack!

Storyline 8/10:
It's not really fair to rate the game with a storyline due to its genre rating but if you were to compare it to Mario Kart DS, atleast Mario Kart DS had Boss Fights in its Challenge Mode which Mario Kart 7 didn't include.

Gameplay 8/10:
The game controls extremely well on BOTH fronts of its control spectrum. First the gyroscope, but before we start, a bit of advice: Don't try the gyro with 3D on for long periods of time unless you WANT a migraine. That aside, the gyro controls are incredibly responsive compared to what I expected. When steering it did exactly what I wanted it to, when I wanted it. As for the standard style steering, the control stick helps a lot when it comes to aiming those precious green shells perfectly at the racer in front/behind you. The AI gets incredibly "Item Whore"-ish around the late 150cc and Mirror tracksets, but this is easily beaten by high acceleration. This game as a whole was basically perfect. The only complaint I have, once again comparing it to its predecessor, Mario Kart DS, is the fact that it has no offering of Gameplay outside of the main cup races, battle races, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer. I was hoping for a return of either Challenge Mode or the introduction of a new mode. This being said, is the only reason I didn't give it a perfect 10. Online play isn't horrible but then again it's not horribly hacked yet.

Graphics 10/10:
Perfect graphics that literally, even in 3D mode, make you feel as though you can see into the game world. The graphical improvements when compared to its prequel Mario Kart DS, you can see a huge difference. The characters and karts have a more smooth and non pixelated design, the characters feel more fluid in motion, and the karts give the feeling of motion moreso. Along with the graphical revamp, the framerate even in 3D mode runs smoothly at 60 frames per second! The graphics deserve the 10 I gave it.

Music 10/10:
I'm a huge sucker for getting Mario themes in general stuck in my head and this Mario title is no different. The soundtrack sounds beautiful on the 3DS sound system and the music itself is fitting per track. You will feel yourself sometimes getting so immersed that you begin humming along to the tunes or just start bobbing to the rhythm.

Concept 7/10:
The concept of the game is simple, you race an engine size restricted race with your customized kart, with your selected driver and try to win all the races to obtain gold! I will bring back the fact that I feel it is missing the Challenge mode or other new gameplay option.

Replay Value 7/10:
The only technical replay value for this game is to collect coins on the track to unlock kart bodies, wheels, or gliders, 3 Gold Star all of the cups in all the size restricted divisions, unlock all characters, and online play. After 2 days personally, I had completed everything but the coin collecting. The replay value isn't so great when you're limited to 40 coins a series.

Final Decision:
To be honest, mainly because of how it controls, this is my second favorite Mario Kart following just behind Mario Kart DS and I encourage anyone who has a 3DS that this is a must buy.

Overall rating: 8/10