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Author Topic: HTC Trophy Review (Windows Phone 7)  (Read 1179 times)


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HTC Trophy Review (Windows Phone 7)
« on: November 27, 2011, 07:36:08 PM »

Lately, Windows Phone 7 phones have been gaining popularity so I decided to get one as my LG Vortex broke. My expectations were pretty low as I normally don't care for Windows Phones, but I actually have liked it more than Android as it actually works as a phone and its very usable. Remember this as it could change your opinion on the HTC Trophy. It is Global Ready. It has a SIM slot for GSM and built-in CDMA. I found this very interesting as I maybe going to another country sometime in the next year or so.

(For the record, I have Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) installed on mine)


It has a 1GHZ Single-Core Snapdragon processor with 576MB RAM. A 3.8 inch screen at 480 x 800 pixels is amazing to watch videos on. The talk time on the normal battery is 5 hours, which has been fine for me and it takes all day to die. It has a 5MP camera which compared to the iPhone, I think it looks better. You are forced to use the Zune software for Windows to connect it to your PC and you have to use Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac.


This phone is one of the sexier phones out there in my opinion. Its sleek, has a good weight, and overall feels robust. The soft HTC plastic makes the phone comfortable to hold. Nothing is sticking out besides the camera on the back as its raised which is the only thing I dislike about the design. If you have a habit of taking off the battery cover then you might want to consider seeing how much a replacement battery cover is because, its extremely flimsy and feels like its going to break in half.

Using It As A Phone

"My phone can play games! It can take pictures! It can copy what I say! I can download apps! I can use it as a GPS!"

Whats missing there? OH YEAH! CAN IT BE USED AS A PHONE?!?!?!

The answer to that would be yes! This phone can be used to make phone calls. It does it quite well at that. I used it in where I only had 1 bar, 3 bars, and 5 bars. Each time the person could hear me fine on the other line. Compared to my old phone, this is the best phone to make calls on. Even my mom's iPhone and my dads HTC Evo Shift can't beat the call quality for the HTC Trophy.


The first thing you look for on a phone is how easy it will be to use. This is the low of the HTC Trophy as Windows Phone 7 takes a while to get used to. Apps take too long to close, the way it's set up is confusing, and no IRC client will stay active when the phone is put in to stand-by or if you leave it running in the background. This is mostly a operating system problem. Luckily, it was extremely easy to set up my two AOL email accounts and my Facebook account. One thing I found while using Android was that I has several problems trying to get it to stop updating my emails. Well, since I have a specific email address, my normal one, my Youtube account and another personal, the battery drained quickly. This was the same problem until I found that it was much easier to set up your own options in the email section. Transferring music from the Zune software was extremely easy, probably easier than an iPhone and iTunes. I did have lots of problems when I first received my phone but I will talk about that later in the review.

Zune Software and Mac Software

Microsoft was being extremely lazy when it came to what software they used to transfer music and apps to the phone. Did they write a new program for it.


Did they fix problems with the older software that they ended up using.


They ended up using the old Zune software. Why Microsoft why? It's not as easy to use as WinAmp or iTunes. It crashed constantly on my laptop and I got to a point where it wouldn't open anymore.

Luckily, the software that transfers your crap to you Windows Phone form your Mac is easy to use and doesn't crash as I would be out of luck.


The Marketplace is a high point of the Windows Phone. Its function is to bring you music, apps, and videos. Something that iTunes has two separate apps for. Surprisingly, in my opinion, this worked better than Apple's apps for it. The only major problem is that unlike Android and iOS, you are not going to find that you have several choices for what your looking for. You may have one to four apps that do the same thing. Sometimes, its hard to find one app that will do the job and the Marketplace lacks for being so new.


When I first got the phone it had just the original firmware and operating system on it. Well, seeming that there was the Mango update for it I decided to update my phone as that's the smartest thing to do. When I updated it, it took 45 minutes for the 7 updates to download. Then it took another hour and a half to update the phone. This made me livid. Once the Zune software updated the phone I encountered another problem. The update made it so I couldn't buy or download apps. I spent an hour trying out different ways other people had said to fix this phone and none seem to worked. I finally just decided to do a Factory Reset. That fixed my problems but that update took close to 3 hours of my time.


This is the best phone I've owned and I'm excited to use it for 14 months. I got it for a low price and I expect this phone will always have a good spot in my heart. If your travel out of the country often and love Verizon then this is defiantly a phone you should consider.

(If you'd like me to review anything else about this phone please put requests below)
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