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Author Topic: Daemon Summoner by Jkyrim  (Read 1779 times)


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Daemon Summoner by Jkyrim
« on: September 10, 2011, 08:04:53 AM »
Game:Daemon Summoner
System:Playstation 2
Release:31st March 2006(In Europe only)
Genre:First Person Shooter
Number of Players:1
Developer:Atomic Planet Entertainment
Publisher:Midas Interactive


Daemon Summoner takes place in 1888, in England and tells the story of James Farrington-Higgs whose infant son was brutally murdered and his wife Emily was reborn into a vampire. Now James searches the truth behind his wife's transformation but soon discovers that something worse is about to happen aside from his wife.

I will describe this game in depth, because most people outside(and maybe inside)of Europe never heard of it, so excuse me if you find it boring or anything else. Without further ado, here's my full in depth review of Daemon Summoner.

So the game begins with an intro, where James narrates that a number of murders took place in London and Jack the Ripper took the blame, who is never heard or referenced again. Now James hunts his wife, seeking for answers regarding her transformation. The level begins with James spying his wife behind a crate. James accidentally makes noise and his wife notices him and starts running. So the game starts with James chasing her. For weaponry, James has a knife that doesn't work at all(yes, it doesn't work on a single enemy) and a crossbow that fires one arrow at a time and has slow reloading speed. So I start the game chasing her until I find myself in the sewers. Here, the first enemies are encountered who are just a bunch of ghouls. Ghouls, so hungry that they will still attack you even with their heads off. That's right, scoring headshots won't kill them. Instead, their weakspot is their legs. One shot at their leg and they are done, even on hard difficulty. So I get out of the sewers and we're back at chasing Emily. So I chase her until I find myself in a cathedral. Then two vampires pop up to cover her escape. Be a few minutes late to kill them and restart the level. No checkpoints folks. Vampires one-hit kill weakspot is their neck. An arrow through their neck. Enabling crossbow sniper scope, I target their necks and they are dead. After that, I still chase Emily until I knock her into a corner. Then a boss fight begins. It sucks. She rushes towards you attacking you non-stop with her few attack animations, while you move backwards and fire arrows at her. I win the boss fight, then Emily kicks James and stuns him. She then runs away.

Level two then begins with James chasing her again until she finds her trying to aboard a ship lead by a vampire called Kinus. That's his name if I remember correctly. He is also the antagonist. An ugly face too. So the objective involves boarding the ship without the vampire crew noticing. For some odd reason I now have a pistol. Am I going to use it? No! Why? Coz, it's a strict, linear, stealth level and from all the levels in the game, this is the biggest broken level in the entire history of stealth video games. Those who had the misfortune to play this game, got stuck and quickly gave up...unless they were lucky enough to finish it. Why people got stuck, you ask. Because this level is broken. This level features some of the worst random AI in the history ever. It doesn't involve skill like Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid. It involves luck. Anyway, I start the level by first entering a building. Then I hide behind some crates by crouching. Two vampires pass by and get outside. I continue the level by climbing the stairs. A thing which really bugged my head is that the vampires will either have Superman's x-ray vision and notice me in flash or they will act like blind people(no offence). For example on one occasion I was walking in front of a vampire and nothing happened. He was looking me in the face. But the stupidity doesn't end there. Its penultimate moment of cheapness happens when I find my self in the roof on the way to the ship. Two vampires walk in half circles and have to climb some stairs. Sounds simple? I was spotted and had to restart the level again. This will make any player launch a cavalcade of s, f and c words. So I basically had to run like crazy in the end, hoping I won't be spotted. It was a nightmare. So, James boards the ship and the next level begins.

Okay, this is interesting. Typical shooting. Without a pistol this time. I have to find it. At least I can carry two. There isn't much to talk about. I find myself in a vampire infested monastery, I get out, then I'm in a graveyard shooting at ghouls then I fight Kinus, the vampire leader in a room of a tower. It's like the first boss fight. Lame! At the end Kinus' brother appears and helps him. They stun James and send him in a ship back to London.

Level four. James is in the ship and armless. First of all, grenades are introduced this time. Wait, it's paraffin lamps, that's their name. I walk around the ship, then OMG a werewolf pops up and start chasing me. The paraffin lamp will stun him but only for a while until he starts chasing me again. So I run away and find myself in the ship's deck. A ghost shows up and tells me that he will tell me my weapons' location if I find his watch located somewhere inside the ship. All that while I run away from the werewolf. So I find his watch, he tells me the location and guess what! I must find a key to open the room's freaking door! Anyway, I find the key, get my weapons and kill the werewolf with the pistols. This sidequest involving the watch was completely useless because if I find the key earlier, then I can get the weapons faster. Okay, the werewolf dies, what's next? Next level? No, I still have to walk into this ship and then Emily is found. What was she doing here all the time. She boarded the ship in the second level and now she is here? Ugh. Boss fight. No need to repeat myself. Emily dies and James swears vengeance.

Level five. Again typical shooting. Find information regarding the vampire brothers(did I tell you they are twins. They share the same character model). Crossbow against vampires, pistols against werewolves. They appear in larger quantities this time around. Anyway,I get the information and then I go back to ship. This level is level two backwards.

Semi final level. Prevent the vampire brothers' plan of resurrecting a huge demon. It's stage 3 backwards. With barriers this time until all ghouls are dead!

Final Level! James is late but all hope is not yet lost. Kill the vampire brothers. Then the vampires sacrifice themselves to bring the demon. Or should I say Daemon? Not much to talk about but the final boss fight required more strategy compared to the other three. Forgot to mention the imps. They appear as enemies in other levels and assist the Daemon in the last. Crounch, shoot.

So, the game ends! James brags about his success and I'm pissed off for having to endure this horrible adventure! I mean for Christ's sake I can finish this game in 2-3 hours in one sitting if I wanted to(Granted I pass the broken stealth level). This game is the worst FPS ever in existence. It brings shame on the PS2 library! Words can't describe how awful this game is. With terrible graphics, brainless AI, ultra very short length and a cavalcade of other issues, Daemon Summoner proves that it can be worse than ET for the Atari 2600! I said it! You thought Duke Nukem Forever was bad as a FPS, well this is a complete abomination! This game is hell incarnate.

What I Liked
Beautiful cover(More effort was put to it, just to fool you).
Beautiful Main Menu and Main Menu Music(Again, more effort was put to it, to fool you even more).
Features Widescreen(16:9)support.
The story is the only thing you might show interest about.
Werewolves are cool.
The box and the disc can be recycled.
My brother payed 10 Euros for it instead of me.(He was fooled by the cover).
You won't have the misfortune to play it.

What I hated
Plot inconsistencies(What was Emily doing in the ship all the time? Where's Jack the Ripper? Will we see him again?).
Brain-dead AI.
3 out of 4 boss fights involve firing arrows while moving backwards.
Knife does nothing.
2-3 Hours Gameplay.
Vomit inducing graphics(as if they upscaled an ugly psone game).
Broken stealth level(Even stealth veterans will give up).
Useless sidequest in Level 4.
It doesn't matter on which difficulty you're playing, it's always the same.
Voices are muffled a bit. Horrible voice acting by the developers of the game. Same music tune!
Few enemy attack animations.
My misfortune to play it.


Cool cover for fooling people

A typical vampire

This is the demon! I mean Daemon!

1.5/Beautiful cover art and menu. Enough to draw you in and experience its horrible nature. If you find it, run away.

That's my full in depth review of one of the most horrible video games in existence. What are your opinions from this horrible mess I'm showing you.