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Author Topic: auto installer disc  (Read 1623 times)


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auto installer disc
« on: September 09, 2011, 10:18:11 AM »
I was wondering how do i  add my own romset/skins/etc  to the aid iso before i burn it i need help i read the manual but i dont full understand what to do to get the iso size to enlarge it just say 608mb i got like 1.5 worth of roms on my flashdriver in need to deleted them so i can put my music on it.


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Re: auto installer disc
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2011, 01:23:49 PM »
Do you mean auto installer deluxe? Can you tell me more specific about the problem you had?  And what step you have taken?
Maybe I can help you out, but I kind of confused seeing your post. It's all mixed up together.


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Re: auto installer disc
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2011, 03:06:44 PM »
Ohh, Maybe you need the ZXBinstaller DVD! Here are some features: ;)


1) has a menu of information that is now divided into subcategories used to better understand the AutoInstaller and it installs. A party has added a small dictionary to this section.

2) Menu Format:

- Full format (useful for new HD).
- Format Partition ... (You can choose which partition to format.)

3) XBOX Chip: The menu that contains everything you need for your Xbox chipped or flashed the TSOP.

3.1) BIOS Flashing: This option installs and runs the AutoFlash which contains the following BIOS:

- X2.5032 (512K only)
- Evox M8 + (256k, 512k and 1Mb).

3.3) ZXBPack: This option installs everything you need from your XBOX ZXBInstaller including 1 Dashboard (useful for those new to the Scene of the XBOX).

Note: ZXBPack in "XBOX with Exploit" does not install a dashboard.

4) XBOX with Exploit: A menu that contains everything you need for your XBOX to Exploit.

4.3) Full Exploit: This menu allows you to install / update your Exploit as follows:

- Exploit Ndure.
- Exploit UXE + or + PBL NKPatcher Metoo v10 v1.4.1.

In each Exploit lets you install different dashboards so you can use your Xbox modified as the installation is complete.

- Dash2Gam v3.2B (only UXE).
- Evox 3935.
- UIX v01.03.05 (only UXE).
- UnleashX 0.39.0528A.
- XBMC 8.10 Final.

4.4) Items: This option allows you to install the following items hacked (in AutoInstaller) on your XBOX:

- 007 AUF.
- MechAssault.
- Splinter Cell NTSC.
- Splinter Cell PAL.

4.5) Uninstall: This option formats the partition C / from your XBOX to remove and install the Dash Exploit Original v5960 without modification.

4.6) ZXBPack: Package installation dedicated to the new to the Scene of the XBOX is compatbible the XBOX to Exploit.

3.2, 4.2) Dashboards.

- Anod-X v1.02.1
- Avalaunch 0.49.3
- BlackStormX v1.1
- Dash2Gam v3.2B
- Evox 3935
- 0.96n MediaXMenu
- NeoDashX v1.4
- NexGen v2.0.0 alpha
- UIX v01.03.05
- UnleashX 0.39.0528A
- XBMC 8.10 Final.
- Original Dashboard v5960 (only XBOX Chip).

5) Any XBOX: Menu contains applications and emulators that are compatible on any XBOX (most are included in ZXBPack).

5.1) Applications.

- V5 BiosChecker
- BoXplorer v0.96b
- FINAL v1.6 ConfigMagic
- Debug Mode
- Dvd2Xbox 0.7.8
- DVDx2
- Enigmah
- LinksBoks 0.99
- Mimesis v3
- XBMC 8.10 Final.
- Xbox Version Detector

5.2) Emulators.

- CPSX3 v1
- DOSXbox v13
- FBA-XXX Pro v1.28
- Kixxx v1.0
- MAMEdOX v1.1
- MednafenX-NES v9
- MednafenX-PCE v4
- NeoCDSDLx v1.01
- NeoGenesis v23
- Pcsxbox v19
- ScummVMx 0.71
- SMSPlusX v9
- SpeXtrum v0.03 Beta
- Surreal 64 XXX beta4.95
- XboyAdvance v21
- ZSneXbox v3.5

5.3) Homebrew Games: Section where you can install directly from DVD or play the following games:

5.3.1) QuakeX: In this section you can find the 3 QuakeX that have come to the XBOX.

- QuakeX
- Quake 2X
- Quake 3X

5.3.2) Super Mario War 1.8.

5.4) v0.4 Beta xMugen.

6) Linux: Menu where you can find two Linux distributions for XBOX.

6.1) Gentoox Home v6.2.

6.2) sXbmini v1.0: This distribution is not installed on the HD of the XBOX but runs from the same DVD allowing you to run some Linux applications and surf the Internet without installing anything.

7) Utilities: A menu that lets you run different applications from ZXBInstaller that can help you repair any Xbox or information from it.

- BiosChecker.
- EEPROM / HD (ConfigMagic).
- NTSC / PAL (Enigmah).
- Xbox Version (Xbox Version Detector).

8) XBOX Factory: This option will format the entire HD and install your XBOX Original Dash is making your XBOX as the factory.

9) Configuration: This option lets you view and change some options ZXBInstaller DVD 3.3.1 Final.

10) Explorer, File Explorer that lets you copy / move / delete / rename, etc.. Everything you need.

If you want it, PM me ;)
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Re: auto installer disc
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2011, 03:50:15 PM »
Yeah, I've used those other discs and they're utter trash.  Just use AID, it's the best out there.