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Author Topic: (PS2)Final Fantasy X Review  (Read 1084 times)


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(PS2)Final Fantasy X Review
« on: June 04, 2011, 04:14:05 AM »
---------------------------------------------------------------Final Fantasy X----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello folks I'm Jericho and well here I wrote my very first review of the PS2 game Final Fantasy X(FFX) and everything written here is based of my opinion
and is not intended in any matter or offense to others and is by any means not providing much spoiler about the game nor discouraging
players that had never played the game yet.Sorry about some wrong spelling or grammar if there is any cause I'm not that fluent.
Without further explanation I shall begin.

Story (8.63 out of 10)
 Well to begin with the story of final fantasy X was quite good to the point it became more obvious as we go deeper into the story and
is a typical kind of any Rpg story board.  A nice cut scenes and FMV well explains the beginning of the game as well as the overall gameplay.
The story is quite short compared to the previous titles that square released and is again with love story revolving around it.
Well the "romantic fever" already began in FF8 and has continued today and it mixes with the story mixing drama and fantasy as well as action
but it still captured my attention nevertheless so I say it's quite immersive and enjoyable.
I can't say anything bad about the story except it's too short and was filled only by battles and whatnot and the ending kinda kept the players
hanging but is very convincing (though some people doesn't like that kind of ending so some weird sequel came up.)But who wants a very long story but boring right?

We go to Criterias in the story:

I.Continuity in Story (8.5 out of 10)
               Not much about the story is far-off the plot and is delivered quite continuous throughout the game.

II.Depth of Focus(8 out of 10)
        Well the Story focuses about the struggle of the people to stop a certain villain from destroying  their  world, typical of a Rpg game and consist of various twist and surprises.

III.Clarity in story(9 out of 10)
        Nothing in the story is very confusing and is easily grasp by the player, though as the story progresses player get to think as the games unfold it's mysteries at a very movie like manner.

IV.Translation(9 out of 10)
        There is a solid translation of the game and we know it is translated from Japanese to English so there are error here an there nevertheless as I said a solid translation.

Characters (8.25 out of 10)
So we now go to the characters the fuel of the story as well as the player's enthusiasm.
FFx characters were typical of final fantasy based game anyone familiar with the series can easily identify it's a final fantasy game by just looking at
it's characters (though the title is in there and all). Well the female characters were very captivating (though they could have fixed them more) while
the men were fairly good. The characters suite well with the personality they have in the game and that plays a huge factor in any Rpg game
although the voice acting were kinda annoying in the american release than the original one BUT on a good side provide funny momments especially in the protagonist side.
We go to the Criterias of the Characters:

I.Costume and Clothing (8 out of 10)
        Yep team square done it again with Nomura on their side "a design guru". The game successfully featured characters that blend the story surroundings not to mention the Protagonist clothes
    bringing a new level of design and also some  traditional Japanese clothes, a very good one.

II.Novelty(8 out of 10)
        The characters in terms of uniqueness was fairly acceptable but very common among the series of the said game titles just take a closer look at them and you will see the similarities in them though
that is really due to the same character designer but I must say they are consistent and very catchy and suite the term "fantasy".
III. Game personality(8 out of 10)
        Yeah you heard it right players nowadays want characters that suite them quite well and the one that can relate to their specific role and as said there is a lot of them here
   Anyone felt hate,fear and anger as well as love? Well you gotta check this out and be absorb to their struggles and their story.

IV. Race or Species (9 out of 10)
        Final Fantasy has a huge array of races in their series ranging from the cute moogles and chocobos to demi-humans and many more and FFX has plenty of it.

Gameplay (8.28 out of 10)
   We go to the gameplay of FFX and as a fan of final fantasy series this is also a typical one but with the addition of the sphere function adding strategy in building up your characters which was a lot better than the "draw system" of the FF8(I'm not saying anything bad about FF8) and has replaces the materia of the classic FF7 but retained the great strategic
building up of your characters.The game uses the ATB (Active Time Battle sounds familiar?) yet another common thing to any FF fan out there wherein you wait for your turn to input command and issue actions at your arsenal.
The sphere system can be very good means of strategy in the game and the traditional random encounters will take a lot out of you. A unique new battle terrain comes to the deep water(Swimming anyone?) cause of the protagonist's ability to breath underwater adding a change of pace in the gameplay.
A lot of mini-games composed this game but one of them is very boring when playing it and the diffuculty keeps player to scratch their head off but take note that this just count for players who want to complete the game
with the entire collectibles at their disposal. One of the mini-games gives opportunity to maximize stats to a freaking point you owned the entired game, sounds wild ain't it?
Well the only downside of the mini games is that it takes a lot of time to complete(WTF IS BLIT***** a "mini" game??).
The all new Al-bhed system in language makes a new debut in the series wherein players need to find specific text or primers for them to understand this race.
We now don't travel the entire continent of the game with a mini character against vast land like the previous titles cause this time we plunge into the proportional world and it is still possible to ride an airship and chocobo though in a limited manner.
Now time to take a look at the finer details.

We go to the Criterias:

I. Repetition(8 out of 10)
      Well generally the gameplay does not have too much repetitions except for the random battles and the annoying Mini-games the game came up with.

II.Depth (9 out of 10)
      Many things and option as well as strategies can be done in this game and the players cannot just hack-and-slash away their enemies when they are at a good level without taking a good set-up of your sphere grid(like an artist without canvas).

III. Learning Curve (9 out of 10)
      The game features a tutorial in terms of text boxes and many more and can be access again for further reference so if anything new came popping up there's a tutorial coming next to it. Kinda neat.

IV. Continuity(8 out of 10)
       The game features content that makes you wanna complete the game and play it continously though some aspect like puzzle solving and mini-games will make you wanna turn the damn console off and drink a nice hot coffee.

V. Difficulty(8 out of 10)
       Mini games are difficult while others are fairly easy and this take a lot of time to complete.
       Battles are quite challenging but with enough level and a nice sphere usage makes the game difficulty as easy as eating peanuts.

VI.Interface(9 out of 10)
       Nothing is too much confusing in the game well except puzzles and the mini-game controls which at the very least easy once learned. The game interface is highly adaptable.

VII.Replay value(7 out of 10)
       Not much to say about this but playing this game again has a very little motivation and that's because you already know the storyline.

Graphics(8.6 out of 10)
      We go to the eyecandy one of the greatest factor modern gamers look up into a game and it's the graphics and some gamers like realistic one. While not providing a very realistic approach in
graphics this game taken a huge step when it debuted in the PS2 console. Because of the first in the FF series in the Ps2 the game have featured in it's very first realistic facial expressions that captured players attention.
A very huge change of face in the game now we can see the great difference between PS1 and the PS2 in terms of graphics. The surroundings were created very convincing and suitable for the game's genre of fantasy and the Movies were very satisfying.
There are some graphical glitches but they are very few  and are not that noticeable at all.
I must say this game ended perfectly great in the PS2 console but because of an early year in the development and release has not achieved the maximum graphical extent of the PS2, nevertheless a very good game of it's kind that hit the heart of many gamers that they come to love this jewel.

We now take a look at the Criterias :

I.Suitability (8.5 out of 10)
       The game's environment,characters and atmosphere suite well with each other.

II.Quality (8.5 out of 10)
      While not the best graphics in the PS2 games it still delivers the "very good" quality.

III.Fluidity (9 out of 10)   
    There are some graphical glitches but not too noticeable otherwise, everything in the game
works well with everything else, graphically speaking.

Sounds and Music(8.5 out of 10)
        Every good game needs a good music and sound to accompany it without sound and music the game feels like empty and lonely at some point.
     The game feautures voice acting the first in  the FF series though some voice acting are annoying and feels like not suitable for the character it is well respected.
     Battle music kinda remind you of the typical Final Fantasy game and the sound fits very well in the game. Well music appreciation differs from each person I gotta say I'm loving this one the score and composition are not too ear pumping and is suitable to the fantasy "theme".

Criterias :

I. Instrumentation (8 out of 10)
       The game features a good musical composition and synchronize sound and has a huge variety of musical instrument used.

II.Tonal Quality(9 out of 10)
       There is no earsplitting sound in Final Fantasy X and many music were quite relaxing to the ear though some can be irritating depending to the people listening.

III.Balance (8 out of 10)
       Well there IS Balance here in the music and sound of FFX there is no music that keeps on playing loud and irritating nor ones that make you wanna sleep.
       Majority of sound amd music heard is during random battles.

IV.Suitability(9 out of 10)
       The music fits quite well for the game and its environments, as well as for the events that it's used in.

This is it the final rating of the game according to the said criterias:


Well there it is folks any comments are welcome but I will not change the result cause it is final.


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Re: Final Fantasy X Review
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2011, 09:38:53 AM »
Thanks for the review!