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Author Topic: Installing Free MC Boot With 007 Nightfire (or any PS2 game for that matter)  (Read 42457 times)


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This is an updated and modified version of the tutorial I had provided over at ProjectBlackTower. It has been updated to the newer OpenPS2Loader, and now less initial setup is needed. So, if you recognize the guide, that is where it had come from. If you have any questions about this method, feel free to ask. This guide was initially written because of the hardship I went through to install FreeMCBoot, and I felt it necessary to do my part so others would not be just as confused as I once was.

I can guarantee that FreeMCBoot can be installed with this method as I used it to install FreeMCBoot on my own PS2(an SCPH-70012 model for those that must know)
All the files you need are in the link below:
Mediafire URL Here
January 2013 EDIT:
Alright, so Mediafire sent me an email and took down the link for some reason(no clue how it violated the TOS either, files within violate no copyright). I've reupped the pack to mega.!AFgnQKKB!CoHFw1UZBtLZPF1zzLrf30HVReMhnFlh9Ie19u8gG9c
I don't check this forum often, so don't post in this thread if the link breaks. If the above link goes down for some reason, shoot me a PM and I'll re-up the tutorial again. The rest of the tutorial is untouched, and I'll admit, the writing isn't perfect, but the information is still relevant.

Things Needed to Install FreeMCBoot via this method:

An original copy of 007 Nightfire
A PS2 Compatible with FreeMCBoot
A way of swapping discs(original for backup of same game, generally a sensor block, look on youtube for info)
An Official PS2 CD Game(says compact disc as opposed to DVD)
A Spare PS2 memory card(preferably blank)
A DVD Burner
A Blank DVD-R( I use “minus” discs, not “plus” as they are more easily read by a PS2, no RW)
A Blank CD-R(rewritable Discs do NOT work)
IMGBurn(or other program that can burn and rip ISO's)- download at:
A FAT32 formatted USB Flash Drive
WinRAR/7zip(or any unarchiving program of choice)
Free MC Boot*
uLaunchELF 4.12 CD*
an ESR Patcher*
Open PS2 Loader[optional]*

*Included in the download

A list of all PS2 CD based games are located here(although the disc is usually purple, so it is easy to tell):

Before you start, I would like to inform you that this method can theoretically be adapted to all PS2 games, you just have to replace the S* file on the disc for cogswap(with the name of the file replaced) and swap the games out before they load at all, it should then boot cogswap, but the timing would be difficult and I wouldn't want to deal with it. A multi-ELF game is your best bet. I used 007: Nightfire as an example as it is a common game(at least more common than 007: Agent Under Fire) and can be obtained much easier(and cheaper).

Step 1. Unarchive the contents of  the download into a folder of your choice(not required if you already have all files listed above).

Step 2. Insert your Nightfire disc into your DVD drive and make a backup of your Nightfire Disc as an ISO via IMGburn, to do so just open the program and select “Create Image File From Disc” You may then need to select your DVD Drive if you have more than one disc drive.

Step 3. Make a copy of your ISO in case you make a mistake in the editing process

Step 4. Open Apache(should be in the folder Apache, located wherever you extracted the archive) and load up the ISO of 007 Nightfire(generally just called NIGHTFIRE.iso, name may be different if you renamed it, iso is in the Drive C Directory by default)

Step 5. Locate DRIVING.ELF within Apache and select it by clicking on it once

Step 6. Go to the “ISO tools” menu(located at top) and select “Change TOC for Selected File,” leave the LBA as it is, but change the size to: “58160” without the quotes.

Step 7. Go back into the “ISO Tools menu, but this time select “Update Selected File” replace it with the “DRIVING.ELF” file located within the cogswap folder of the unarchived package.

Step 8. Close Apache, Remove the Nightfire Disc if you haven't already and insert your Blank DVD, we are burning your nightfire ISO. You now must locate your newly modified Nightfire ISO, ready to boot cogswap, and burn the ISO within IMGBurn(just right click the file and select “Burn Using ImgBurn” When IMGBurn opens click on the picture that looks like a page pointing to a disc, it will then start burning the modified game to your blank DVD. Remove the Disc and then insert your Blank CD.

Step 9. Locate the uLaunchELF CD Folder within the install pack and right click on the “uLe412.cue” file and select “Burn Using ImgBurn”and burn it by clicking on the Page and arrow pointing to Disc icon, the same way you burnt your DVD, the uLaunchElf CD will be burnt as well.

Step 10. Insert your USB Flash Drive Into your computer(if it isn't already plugged in) and copy the contents of the “FreeMCBoot” Folder from the pack onto the flash drive. The contents must be in the root of the flash drive(not inside a folder), but the folders within it must remain(so the flash drive only has  “FREE_MCBOOT.ELF” and a folder named “INSTALL”)

Step 11. Remove your flash drive from your PC and insert your Flash Drive into your PS2. Put your  spare memory card into your PS2 slot 1. After that put your original Nightfire disc into your PS2, wait for it to load the title screen(if you don't have a profile wait for the level to load, press start, and select Exit, you will then be at the title screen), and quickly swap discs(without the PS2 knowing you opened your Lid/Tray depending on whether you have a slim or a fat) for your modified Nightfire DVD. Then go into Codenames, Make a new one(name it whatever you want, it won't be there for long anyway), and then press x on controller scheme menu, an the next menu select secret unlocks, and enter the code “PASSPORT” which will unlock all levels. Exit the password menu, and then scroll down to “Save Codename” select this.

Step 12. Leave the codenames menu, and go to the “NightFire” menu, select the new profile, select “Operative,” at the next menu, scroll up until you have “Enemies Vanquished” and select that level, now cogswap should load if you made your DVD correctly.

Step 13. Once in the cogswap menu open your tray, or if on a sensor blocked slim temporarily remove the block on the sensor near the power button. And change the DVD for your PS2 CD game(i used madden 2001 for this, but any CD game will work), close the tray if on a fat PS2, if on a slim then reblock the power button sensor.

Step 14. Once the disc is in and lid/tray is *closed* the CD should verify, if the disc icon is purple, swap(do not let the PS2 know you changed discs, so leave the sensor blocked or use a fliptop here, the disc should not be spinning)  in the Ulaunch CD you burnt earlier and press X to boot it, if not, press X to verify the Disc, then swap and press X.

Step 15. once within Ulaunch select mass(which is your flash drive, if it isn't showing up try a different flash drive) and press circle to access the drive, once inside the flash drive select FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and load it by pressing circle. When it loads go and format the Memory card you will be using, then go back and do a multi version install(so it works on other PS2's from your region that support freeMCBoot).

Step 16. Once it is done installing your PS2 should reboot and you will see a free mcboot flash screen, and soon you will be back at your PS2's system menu, but many new options will be added. Shut off the PS2, move the FreeMCboot card into slot 2 then restart the PS2

You are now done with installing free MC Boot, now I will cover using ESR and open PS2 Loader.

To load games via ESR, games must first be patched, if you download an ISO from anywhere you should always attempt to patch it with the ESR Patcher included in the download, as it will tell you if it is already patched, if not, it will patch it for you and tell you it has been patched successfully. You then just burn the patched ISO(use good quality DVD-R's like Verbatim or Sony) and you put it in you PS2, launch ESR, and Press X on a controller and the game will boot(after the debug colors flash). If you are at all curious, patching a game for ESR simply changes the PS2DVD header on the disc to DVDVIDEO so it bypasses the disc check and hides the game files from the PS2, ESR can see these files, and therefore run the disc.

If you want to boot a Game with open PS2 Loader from a USB hard drive, unpatch the iso with the ESR patcher because if no patch was applied it will do no harm and tell you there was no patch installed on the ISO. You will then use the program in the folder ISOtoUSBprep. It is named fixiso.exe, all you have to do is drag the ISO over the program(in windows explorer), and it will rename the ISO  into a readable format for OPL. Then place the ISO on your USB HDD in a folder called DVD.  Scroll Down to the Open PS2 Loader entry on the menu. Select the game and Press X to launch it. Running games from USB may cause some cutscenes to be laggy but the games should run fine aside from that.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible nor will be held liable for any damages done to your PC or PS2 because of this guide. Provided you follow the guide your PS2 and PC should operate as intended, but in the event something does happen it is not my responsibility nor will I compensate for any damages.
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