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Author Topic: Power Board - GCN  (Read 1042 times)


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Power Board - GCN
« on: April 19, 2011, 08:52:48 PM »
I had bought the power board for 30$ from Datel's website, I wanted to buy one mainly for PSO to type to other players over the game cube verson, So I splurged on it and got it when I ran home from school

So this is how I will rate it
Bulid Quality
How well it works with software (PSO1+2 Action Replay)

Well the Bulid of this...well its shit the keyboard, and thank god its just a ps\2 keyboard (The round plug for you newer folk) so unplug the keyboard and get a better ps2 keyboard from your closet and plug that in,
So in total you spent 25 bucks on a crappy keyboard, and 5 on an adapter...... Some one should Reverse engineer it, 
So I rate the keyboard its self a 1\10 (its a hunk of junk it just feels to cheap, its like the cheap keyboards you get with newcomputer but shitter also a it is a uk keyboard layout, and most "north americans" will not like this fact
 the enter is the wrong size and there is a turbo key after the right shift that does shit all, the majory of the keys are placed right. also it is missing the ligs for num lock and cap lock, so thats cheaper, The adapter though is easy to use plug in the gamecube port and plug your favorit ps2 keyboard in badaboom badabing
It gets a 9\10

How it works with Software
I could not get my action replay to load up for some reason, it seems to crash when I insirt my mem card in to the slot it wants, I have to look in to it, but I know it will work with the action replay to input codes in and such and does have keyboard shortcuts

Also It works with PSO 1+2 plus and non plus and ever verson for the cube out there
type and your text will show up, you can also navagate the menus with the keyboard, but not everything is maped acordling like ' you will have to hit the key after shift also ~\` is not maped in pso,  this might be beacsue they never planed a American keyboard for the game cube,

so in all this gets a 10\20 so 50%

So if you like PSO and like puting in cheats look at buying this but if not dont bother its a great box to look at though
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