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Author Topic: Creating Multi-ISO XBOX Games  (Read 2703 times)


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Creating Multi-ISO XBOX Games
« on: April 03, 2011, 11:52:26 PM »
Ever hated downloading a small sized XBOX game and knowing your about to waste a 4.7GB DVD-R on a game that would take up literally nothing on what a DVD-R could actually hold? Well this tutorial's going to make sure you never waste a DVD-R disc again by telling you how you can burn multiple XBOX ISOs on one disc!

What You'll Need:
- C-Xbox Tool 2.0.7
- IMGBurn
- Blank DVD-R Disc

1. First up download C-Xbox Tool 2.0.7. Once downloaded open up "C-Xbox Tool".

2. Click "MenuX Multigame".

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

3. Now what you need to decide on is what XBOX ISOs you want to have on 1 DVD-R disc. There is no limit to how many XBOX ISOs you can have on the disc, the only limit is how much data you can have on 1 disc. So as long as you stay under the limit of 4.3GB, you can add as many games as you please.

To add games, it's as simple as draging and dropping your XBOX ISOs one by one into the big window/box.

4. Once you've decided on what games you want on your DVD-R, it's time to join them together as one ISO file. To do so all you have to do is click "Create ISO Image" at the bottom.

You will now be asked what you want to name your file and where you want to save it.

Click the folder icon to decide where you want the newly created Multi-ISO to go. Save it wherever you want, as long as you remember you put it there. As for naming it, name it whatever you like. It makes no difference in what it's named.

Then C-XBox Tool does the rest. Joining 4 XBOX ISOs only took me around 3-4min to join together.

That's it! You just created your Multi-ISO! Easy right? All you have to do now is burn it as you usually would burn an ISO image. Refer to my guide on burning XBOX ISOs if you don't know how to here.


- So far I have found NTSC-U and PAL ISO games to work perfectly with no issues at all using this method of creating Multi-ISOs.

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