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Random / Re: Our latest acquisitions
« on: February 14, 2014, 04:15:59 PM »
Dang Chatterx, your collection puts mine to shame. Was thinking of taking fresh pics of the whole set for you guys but now I'm not so sure. =P Loving the JRPG collection there... do you just about have a complete set of Final Fantasy titles there? It looks like you have nearly everything. Honestly I've never the time to dive into the series for one reason or another, so I wouldn't know for sure just from memory.

Do you sell something of the pictures Virtus? :P

I currently don't have plans to sell anything, but that may change sometime this year.

I have the final fantasy series for the most part. Just a few remakes missing on various consoles. I just picked up my copy of lightning returns and have the x/x-2 hd remake paid for that comes out next month. I need to get on it and beat them all. I have only beaten mystic quest, 3 (SNES), 7, 8, 9, X, and XIII. I have also never beaten kingdom hearts.

General Chat / Re: ghost town
« on: February 13, 2014, 12:18:38 AM »
I'm going to try to come around more often however I can not guarantee I can visit/post every day. Things are still pretty busy

Random / Re: Our latest acquisitions
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:21:33 PM »
O_O a truck? my god, chatterx you beat me XD

Lol Like I said, I got a lot of things taken care of during my stint away from here. That was my biggest thing and one of the most important as my modded stratus was reaching the 200,000 mark and not running so hot. I used almost all my tax return on that vehicle. I love it, its powerful and the four wheel drive has me hooked now lol.

D: Chatterx.... You got my dream car...

I know what you mean though. Those Trailblazers are really, really expensive around here. About $8,000 - $12,000 for a 2002.

I knew I wanted a SUV because it could hold my system while being able to haul the kiddos around and have things packed in it. I did a lot of research and decided on the trailblazer. The only problem I have had out of it was the gauges quit working but that is a common issue and I fixed it for about 10 bucks and a few hours of my time.

Now on to another ongoing acquisition and a confession...... I have a hat obsession. Not just any hats but New Era hats. Over the past year I have accumulated around 60 hats with four more on the way I just ordered and another two I plan on buying next week. Unfortunately these hats are not your cheap run of the mill wal mart hats. These damn things run anywhere from 25 - 30 bucks each. Let me tell ya.... Well worth it though. Stylish as hell and just so damn comfortable.

You can also see the ninja turtles I have been collecting. Always been a turtle fan and always will be. I also picked these turtles up as well as all these other toys in the past two months.

Next up is the gaming related stuff. Mainly PS3 game lots I i have won off ebay recently and a whole bunch of final fantasy games and guides. Also scored a cool case for my slim a few weeks back. And I got lucky and won this borderlands loot chest for 15 bucks!!! Also if you look close at the borderlands hardback book you can see the score I got on that.

And lastly two wii's I got back in november. One was from a pawn shop for 5 bucks because it didnt read discs and the other was at a yard sale for 6 bucks for the same thing lol. Discs??? who needs discs lol

Random / Re: Our latest acquisitions
« on: February 09, 2014, 06:09:42 PM »
Its been a while since I have been on here. 2013 was a crazy year and I really didn't socialize much with anyone. Worked my ass off and got a lot of things taken care of that needed it and I also acquired a lot of things over the past year. Let's start with my biggest acquisition.

2004 Trailblazer bought in March 2013. 82,000 miles, leather interior, and 4x4 5,000 bucks which is a steal around here. Many dealers wanted 9 - 12,000 for a similar vehicle but they all had 125,000 - 150,000 miles on them. Craigslist to the rescue!! Love this thing ma. Especially it being my first four wheel drive and the terrible winter we have been having. I have already begun modding the thing with blue led replacements in the clusters and various controls. I have also installed my stereo from my old vehicle into this thing and it sounds a ton better!

My next acquisition is probably the steal of the year for me. The leather on my trailblazer seat is getting a little cracked so rather than buy an new seat for 500 bucks I decided to look at seat covers. Since the seat-belts are built into the seat; custom covers are needed. Unfortunately these things aint cheap. Lowest price I could find was around 140 bucks just for the front seats. It was another 140 for the back. So I layed low on ebay and around november a seller listed a full set for the front and back for .99 no reserve. He normally sold them for 450 buy it now. I watched the auction and no one was bidding. Within 5 minutes of the auctions end a bidder placed a bid. 5 seconds before the end I put in a max bid of 100 bucks. I ended up winning these awesome seat covers for 6.00 plus 25 shipping!!! Love em and they fit awesome.

And my latest acquisition for the new vehicle is a new Kenwood DDX370 DVD multimedia head unit. My old unit was a samus media player from walmart. I paid 200 for it back then and decided since it had a flip out screen I should buy a warranty. 1 month before the warranty expired the flip screen broke. I sent it off and they couldn't fix it so they refunded me my 200 bucks. Back then a Kenwood of this caliber was almost 500 bucks so I went with a cheaper unit. So I took that money and combined it with 50 bucks I had and got this beauty. I also bought a warranty on this one to. This unit is awesome. I can change the background and right now mine is cloud from FF7


General Chat / Re: ghost town
« on: February 08, 2014, 08:05:10 PM »
A+B+B+A (ikari warriors back to life code)

NDS Downloads / Rune Factory 3 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon (USA)
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:46:04 AM »

Published by
Natsume, Inc.
Developed by
Neverland Co., Ltd.
Nov 09, 2010

Nintendo DS
Action, Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation
3rd-Person Perspective, Top-Down

If you enjoy the upload please do not forget to give rep.

NDS Downloads / Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! (NTSC)
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:34:50 AM »

Published by
Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by
Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
Nov 14, 2010

Nintendo DS
Action, Strategy

If you enjoy the upload please do not forget to give rep.

Gaming Lounge / Re: Beat 15 Games in 2013 - Chatterx With A Vengeance
« on: February 03, 2013, 09:02:55 AM »
Finally was able to beat Double Dragon Neon. Quite an addictive fighting game and a challenge :) Thats two... now I am going to try to finish a few games I am 3/4 way through such as crysis 2, borderlands 2 :)

Gaming Lounge / Re: What games are you playing at this moment!
« on: January 31, 2013, 05:10:03 PM »
Playing Double Dragon Neon. Sweet beat em up but tough as hell!!

How to make a LPT cable for reading and writing the Xbox 360's NAND

So, you have found a Xbox 360 with an exploitable dashboard or firmware version. Now you have to read the NAND and flash the hacked firmware back to it. This guide will cover the steps to making a solid, reliable LPT cable for doing such a job. This is not hard at all to do, it is just very time consuming. You will need about 1 hour of free time and the following tools and items


Soldering iron
Wire cutters
Wire stripper
Tape.... preferably electrical


Approximately 18 1/2 feet of 18 gauge solid wire
male connector
5x 100 Ohm 1/4 watt resistors
1x 1N914 switching diode

Optional Items

DB25 hood/cover
Shrink tubing
Approximately two foot of 1/4 split wire loom. your choice of color

Once you have everything you need, let's begin.

You are going to need 9 separate wires so cut your wire into 8 two foot sections. Your 9th section will be 2 1/2 feet.  Now strip 1/4 of the insulation off of each end of each wire. Lay your parts out for ease of access

Add flux to the pins indicated in the picture. Solder one of your wires to each pin and indicate at the end of the wire what color or number the pin is. I use a cut up shipping label. Make note that there will be two wires soldered to the purple connection marked GND. Your wire that is 2 1/2 feet is for the area marked with a purple line. This is the chassis ground.  The purpose for three grounds is to make sure that the data is not corrupted during a read or write.

To make your cable more sturdy, grab all the wires and give it a little twist. Next, tightly wrap electrical tape around the wires

Now solder a resistor to the blue, magenta, red, green, and orange end of each wire. Solder the diode at the end of the light blue wire. Make sure to solder the diode to where the black band is facing away from the wire.

You can stop here and consider the project done and proceed to reading or writing your NAND. If you want the cable to look a bit more professional, then try using the optional items to finish it.

XBOX Tutorials / Xbox 360 12 volt fan mod simplified
« on: January 23, 2013, 08:50:58 AM »
Xbox 360 12 volt fan mod

Want to try to avoid the RROD? Give this mod a go to have your fans running full blast all the time. I will warn you that this will make your Xbox a bit loud, but this mod is almost necessary to combat the shitty design flaws that Microsoft came up with for the cooling system. The motherboard does not need to come out. So if you are following my tutorial on how to disassemble a 360, stop before you do that.

What you will need:

Soldering Iron
About 1/2 of solid core wire (the thinner the better)
Knowledge of how to disassemble a 360 (tutorial CLICK HERE)

There is really only one step here and that is to connect the points as shown in the picture. The non-HDMI console a.k.a Xenon has two places that need bridged because the fans are individually controlled. For instance, if your cpu was running quite hot, the xbox would adjust only the fan running behind the cpu. The Falcon, Zephyr, Jasper, and Opus (although non-hdmi) is setup to where both fans run at the same speed.

XBOX Tutorials / Xbox 360 RROD permanent/temporary fix
« on: January 23, 2013, 08:48:35 AM »
Xbox 360 RROD permanent/temporary fix

So you have experienced the dreaded three red lights or otherwise known as RROD (Red Ring of Death). This guide will help you perform a method that can bring your Xbox back to life. Please keep in mind that this solution should be considered temporary. Sometimes this fix will work 10 minutes or it might work 10 years (doubtful). I have one Xbox that has been going for a year and a half strong doing this fix. It is just hit and miss with the success rate because it is unknown how long the solder will hold up under the GPU chip. If your console is under warranty (1-800-4-MY-XBOX) or you do not have any patience then DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS FIX.

Since the Xbox is classified as a child's toy, it is illegal to use leaded solder for the motherboard connections. Now tell me what child is going to open the Xbox up and chew on the motherboard??? As you may or may not know, non leaded solder melts at a higher temperature than leaded solder; however the non leaded solder is not as flexible so it cannot shrink and expand like leaded solder. Over time, the heating and cooling of the non leaded solder soon develops small stress cracks that over time, will lose connection with the motherboard.

Combine the solder factor along with the shitty cooling design and you have a catastrophe waiting to happen. If this fix works for you then that is awesome. If the fix only lasts for a short time then you are going to have to send it off to have the chips removed and re-balled. Shown below is a few RROD examples of what the underside of these chips can look like. The third photo is what the chips solder points are supposed to look like.

First off, you are going to have to disassemble the 360 console. If you do not know how, here is my GUIDE. Also since the console has overheated, you may want to consider doing the 12 volt fan mod located HERE

You are going to need the following items:

Isopropyl Alcohol 97% or better
Some kind of adhesive remover like Goo-Gone or WD-40
Arctic Silver 5 or Stars thermal paste
24 5mm flat washers
8 M5 x .8 x 10mm machine screws (Phillips pan-head)
Phillips screwdriver
A pick set or a small flat-head precision screwdriver
1/4 wide thin piece of plastic like a cut up credit card for spreading thermal paste
1/4 wrench, I use a screwdriver/nut driver tool that I lost the bits too.
Masking tape

Turn your motherboard upside down and you will be presented with the x-clamp. To remove these abominations takes quite a bit of patience. Eventually you will find a technique that best suits you to remove them. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRY X-CLAMPS LOOSE BY USING THE MOTHERBOARD AS A PRY POINT. The way I do it is insert my small flat-head as shown in the picture. I then gently pry in the direction of the arrow. I  GENTLY work my way around the post, using it as a pry-point, to eventually free the clip. I then repeat on the next clip and then the third clip. After the third clip is released, the x-clamp can easily slide off.

Once the x-clamp is off, repeat for the other one and then turn the motherboard over and gently pull the heat-sink off. You may have to use a little force to break it free from the old hardened thermal paste.

Now you see the mess that needs cleaned. Get out your adhesive remover and Q-tips. Get the end of a Q-tip wet. Apply enough so the thermal compound is coated well. Allow a minute or two for the adhesive remover to set in. Get the other end of the Q-tip wet and start rubbing on the thermal compound with a little amount of friction. The compound should start turning to goo, thus making it easier to remove. Remember to do this to both chips and both heat-sinks.

Once that is done, use your wrench to remove the posts on the bottom of both heat-sinks.

Grab your Isopropyl Alcohol and a Q-tips. Get a Q-tip wet but not soaked and clean the entire surface of the heat-sink and the dies that sit on top of the chips. The dies, when cleaned right will have a mirror shine as shown in the picture. If your dies have a reddish tint that may or may not fade to blue, then you have had some serious cooling problems with the Xbox that has caused the chip to discolor like that.

Apply a small amount of heat-sink compound as shown in the picture. Then use your thermal paste spreader to even out the compound over the die.

Now gather your hardware and set it out like below. Tear off four pieces of tape and place next to the hardware.

Now lets take a time out and take a close look at the washers. It is VERY important to know the difference between a finished side and an unfinished side. The left washer is showing the finished side, notice how smooth and shiny it is. Now look at the other washer. The unfinished side is not shiny and rough around the edges. Always make sure that the finished side of the washer is facing towards the motherboard.

Take a screw and set it on top of the sticky side of the tape. Add a washer remembering the previous red text. Repeat this process until you have all 8 of your screws setup. Take the set up hardware and insert the screws through the back of the motherboard. Apply pressure to the tape so that the screws will stay in place when flipping the motherboard back over.

Next, add two washers to each of the screws for the heat-sink you are installing....(red text). Once the washers are added, turn the motherboard to where it is standing up just enough that the washers do not fall off of the screw. Grab the appropriate heat-sink and align the holes to the screws. LIGHTLY hold the heat-sink against the screws while you use your Phillips head screwdriver to get the screws started. Once the screws are started, remove the tape and turn the motherboard over and repeat for the other heat-sink.

Turn the motherboard on its side and take a look at how close the washers are to those tiny circuit traces. If you were to use the unfinished side of the washer facing the motherboard, you run the risk of the jagged edges cutting into those traces thus resulting in a RROD. Tighten the screws in a criss-cross pattern to where the screw stops with no force. Try to make sure the washer is center when doing this step. Now tighten, in a criss-cross pattern, to where the heat-sink screws are firmly snug. Repeat for other heat-sink.

Now insert your motherboard into the chassis. Insert the R/F board (power button board) into the slot. Insert the A/V cables and hook up the power supply. You can install the fan and shroud but DO NOT HOOK UP THE FAN yet. Turn the Xbox on and you should still be greeted with the three red lights. Let the console run until it starts flashing two red lights. Once the two red lights are flashing, countdown 2 minutes and shut the console off. Let it cool off for about 30 minutes. Hook the fans up and turn it back on. The console should boot up!!

Random / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: January 03, 2013, 04:51:15 PM »
Aaron Lewis- Forever (New Song)

simply awesome. This guy rocks live acoustically and with his band Staind

Gaming Lounge / Re: Beat 15 Games in 2013 - Chatterx With A Vengeance
« on: January 03, 2013, 04:46:04 PM »
Holy crap Rooskie!!! was gonna make a challenge again and see ya kept it in remembrance of me. I was gonna call it chatterx's return since I am back and do plan on trying to get on here more often. Love the logo!!! 2012 was a crappy year for me gaming wise. I didnt finish one game. Had a lot of shit go down and now getting back into swing of things.

My coin has been inserted and I hit up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, start. Working on completing WWE 13 Attitude Story mode. Next up is prolly The Walking dead and then finally finishing crysis 2. I am soo waiting for Bioshock Infinite!!

Speaking of bioshock... Hey Wiigamin.. remember that eve hypo I showed ya I scored for 18 bucks?? Look on ebay and do a completed listings search.. They are selling for around 60 - 120 now lol.

You guys can try all you want but you will be wasting your time. Me... preferably I would rather them let it die than restart it back up again.

I loved bitgamer. It was THE place I went to get my gaming fix. I hated to see it go and I hated to see my 2.5 TB upload status go. I made some friends on the site and I wished they would have given us notice cause a few of them I have no way to contact but from the site. Also a few 2 year old gamecube torrents I uploaded are now dead. But I can understand why they did it the way they did. While they say that they wanted to move onto other things. I think the fact that microsoft perhaps knew where the halo 4 torrent was being downloaded from was the thing that pushed them over the edge on their decision. That screenshot of the halo 4 torrent is from bitgamer. Im absolutely 100% sure on it.... why?? because I actually downloaded that torrent lol.

Now here is why I am glad that it ended the way it did. While I loved bitgamer and everything about it there was one feature of the site that made me worry if it ever was to get busted. The site kept track of everything you downloaded. You could go and see what you downloaded by going to the details section. This was a bit useful because when you have downloaded over 500 things from there you tend to lose track of what you have obtained. Instead of going through 8 different HDDs to see if I have a torrent I could go there and see. Handy but dangerous. If the site were ever seized all they had to do was go to the user database and pull that info up on EVERYONE... thats some scary shit right there... Imagine, a complete record of everyone's downloads, user ids and passwords, who uploaded what and how much they shared.

If they felt they were under the spotlight then I am perfectly fine with their decision.

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