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Title: (XBOX) 4x4 EVO 2 (E) [oRARs]
Post by: Thircase on February 08, 2013, 07:34:27 PM

Release: 4x4_Evo_2_Pal_Multi_XBOX-Xtasy
Year: 2002
Format: ISO [oRARs]
Size: 518 MB
Language: Multilanguage 

4x4 EVO 2 takes the real-world dynamics and cutting edge graphics from the original game and adds a variety of new twists and turns, taking off-road racing simulations to the next level. Simmers will have a chance to purchase one of 70 vehicles from 10 different manufactures for use in intense, pedal-to-the-metal, off-road rallies. In addition to individual racing, 4x4 EVO 2 gives virtual drivers the chance to join a factory race team or 4x4 club to participate in an assortment of exciting missions that involve exploration and adventure. These various missions will take players on a rowdy ride through locations so realistic and alive that they will have to watch out for animals, traffic and other animated dynamic objects.

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