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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 27871 times)


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« on: April 02, 2011, 09:28:21 PM »
1. Only upload your own links. Stealing links from other ROM/ISO sites is unacceptable. You are however allowed to download and then re-upload from torrents and direct links.
But please do not Post any Torrent uploads.Direct download hosts only,Thanks.

2. Please don't upload any current generation games at all! That includes 360, PS3,3DS,Wii and Wii U ISO/ROM's.  Keep in mind that since PCs are ever changing and always part of the current and past generations we allow some PC games but not others.  No PC games released after 2004 should be posted.

3. No uploading Films, TV shows, Music or anything else that could get this site into unneeded trouble.

4. A good community needs members that don't treat others with disrespect. Don't treat the forums like a playground, the forums is a place to chat and download games.

5. Double posting is only allowed in the Buy/sell/trade section to prevent a topic from being deleted and when reviving a Help or Request topic that has not received a response in a few days.

6. No typing in Caps. It's just plain annoying and people see it as yelling.

7. Don't make multiple accounts. Don't think we don't notice. If you want to make a new account just on the basis of changing your username, let the staff members know and we'll change it for you.

8. Please post in the correct section.  A discussion on GameCube doesn't belong in the Microsoft section.  Help with Dolphin doesn't belong in the GameCube Downloads section.

9. The maximum total height of your signature must be under 500px.  This includes all text, images, soundclouds, whatever.

10. Absolutely no "scam" site discussion.  This includes referrals, asking to discuss privately, or privately messaging members.  I don't care if worked out for you, here is not the place to discuss them.

11. Karma points are logged and anyone caught abusing the karma system will be banned.

12. No offensive/nsfw avatars, pictures, or signatures. We have a younger crowd that frequent the site.

13. Keep all posts in English.  We understand that English is not everyone's first language, but it's the one that this site uses.  We can't help you if we can't understand you.  We also can't moderate content if we can't understand it.  Because of this we require posts to be in English.  Not fluent?  just try your best, that's all we ask.

Well that's about all the rules for now.
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