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Author Topic: how to properly use PNG2CARD?  (Read 877 times)


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how to properly use PNG2CARD?
« on: August 28, 2013, 11:11:04 AM »
hay guys, i found the gc tool: PNG2CARD.

it can take a .png file and convert it to a gamecube compatible banner for .bnr use.

i tried using the program on my windows 7 laptop, but i can't seem to get it to work properly,

any help on how to make it run properly?

thanx  :mrgreen:

PNG2CARD by CrowTRobo

This tool will convert a PNG image to an array of data suitable for
being used as a banner or icon on a GameCube memory card. This was
written to be used in conjunction with my memory card code that is
now available as part of GCLIB which can be found at:

PNG2CARD converts 96x32 and 32x32 images which are the size of the
banner and icons respectively. Three image types are supported:
Palette, RGB and RGB with Alpha channel. These get converted to
the three GC formats that they correspond to:

CI8    (8bit color indexed)
RGB5   (5 bits per color)
RGB4A3 (4 bits per color and 3 bits for alpha)


PNG2CARD <png file> <output file> <array name>

<png file> is the PNG image you want to convert

<output file> is the file you want the array to be written to. If the
file already exists, the data is appended. This way you can output
multiple images to the same file. For instance, when using animated icons.

<array name> is the name you want for the array of image data.

If you get a "libpng warning" about the "iCCP chunk" when using PNG2CARD,
you can just ignore it. The program doesn't use this chunk of the PNG
file so the warning is irrelevant.