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Miscellaneous Files / Re: Action Replay 1.20 NTSC-U (Finally!)
« on: April 20, 2015, 02:34:16 PM »
Under the "Actions" tab when you view a profile. You should be able to, unless member permissions were changed when I wasn't looking.

Miscellaneous Files / Re: Action Replay 1.20 NTSC-U (Finally!)
« on: April 19, 2015, 06:34:42 PM »
Try asking a BitLoader+ member such as Lob via PM. Not many of us have ISOs immediately available anymore, unfortunately.

Random / Re: The count to infinity!!!
« on: April 09, 2015, 12:40:57 PM »
1000 lines of code. (And yay, 1000th post!)

Random / Re: The count to infinity!!!
« on: April 08, 2015, 01:59:08 AM »
998 "oh my fucking god, I can't believe this thread got this high." statements

GameCube Help / Re: Gamecube backups
« on: April 06, 2015, 06:42:34 PM »
Thanks a bunch for your help again. I put my gamecube disc into my laptops dvd tray and nothing happened. I don't think my laptop can read it. It's a dell inspiron 1440. Is that normal? I'll look into the dolphin.

Genuine copies of Gamecube and Wii games are created with nonstandard physical data patterns. Only two obscure consumer disc drives can read them. Ergo, your laptop won't be able to read them for copying or playing with Dolphin. To use games with Dolphin, you'll simply have to download the ISOs or use a modded Wii to directly copy the discs yourself if need be.

To answer your question about Dolphin, it is an emulation software that allows someone with a reasonably powerful computer to play Wii and Gamecube games on their PC. You don't have to worry about Dolphin at all if you merely wish to play copies of games on your Gamecube or Wii.

Burning mini DVD-Rs for your Gamecube has a number of requirements. First and foremost, your Gamecube will have to be modded and it's laser will have to be manually recalibrated to work correctly with your burned discs. However, the easier option is to merely mod a Wii instead, you'll be able to play both Wii and Gamecube games with it and you won't need to tinker with the disc drive in it.

In either case, if you wish to play backups of games on your Gamecube or Wii, they will have to be modified to work with your backups. I'm not sure what your preferred option is here, either using Dolphin or a modded console.

I guess my question is, can I use the downloads on this site for backup, and if so, would I be able to use the oRAR ones for gamecube? I have a couple disc that are quite scratched and I really like them too.

Yes, the downloads on this site can be used for backups. The oRARs are the highest quality backups you can find, so yes, you can use them with a modded Gamecube or modded Wii. But again, they'll have to be modified to work.

To burn a disc, I actually recommend ImgBurn instead of Alcohol 120% if you decide to go the route of burning discs for a modded console. ImgBurn is free and works flawlessly with burning ISOs.

Let me know what you plan to do then I'll be able to point you towards the relevant tutorials you'll need to get started.

PC Games / Re: Super Mario 64 HD
« on: April 05, 2015, 03:49:13 AM »
+rep for sharing, thanks for the mirror. I'm pretty miffed about the predictable copyright claim too, it was completely unnecessary and very insulting to the developer as a fan.

General Chat / Re: Long time no see
« on: March 23, 2015, 05:52:45 PM »
As XX said, unfortunately, you probably won't see many old faces hanging around. Just about everyone has departed at this point, so things are pretty slow right now.

General Chat / Re: Long time no see
« on: March 18, 2015, 10:04:43 PM »
Well hey, welcome back! Our activity certainly has dropped, but we're still chugging along. Glad to see you found us again. =)

General Help / Re: Payment error - credit card
« on: February 01, 2015, 08:36:00 PM »
Absolutely zero context. How are we supposed to know what you're trying to do, much less help you, when all you do is give a generic error message from every payment system ever?

Go to whatever vendor who you're attempting to purchase from and ask their technical support for assistance, not us. Or actually try it again.

I've been trying to track down an invite for quite some time now and I'd greatly appreciate it if someone here would kindly offer me an invite. Send me a PM if you're in the program, I could trade you one invite for another as a thank you. ;) Alternatively, if you're more interested in game music I could track down a quality copy of a video game soundtrack or two for you.

UPDATE: I've acquired an invite and I'm now offering invites to other members of the forum. Feel free to post with your gamertag and I'll add you. Keep in mind that it may take 24 hours to 2 weeks for Microsoft to confirm your invite and register your console.

Introductions / Re: New, Nervous and Insane
« on: January 21, 2015, 06:24:38 AM »
Welcome to! Hope you enjoy your time here. =)

Dolphin Help / Re: URGENT PLS!
« on: January 10, 2015, 11:58:02 PM »
Clearly there's much to be desired in your observational skills. You've ignored our clear and concise rules of conduct, seem to have missed the generous reply that severed provided in one of your redundant threads and somehow assume that you're a 'customer' rather than a user of our free public forum. Your query has been adequately answered. However if you had noticed the omnipresent search function clearly located to the left, you would have found that this question and your attitude were not needed in the first place.

GameCube Help / Re: URGENT PLS!
« on: January 06, 2015, 10:58:20 PM »
Warning issued.

Severed adequately answered your question. He generously provided the information you needed, which he didn't have to do considering how you clearly ignored our forum rules.

Dolphin Help / Re: Is my computer too slow?
« on: January 06, 2015, 04:15:18 AM »
Of course I'd remember you, I kept a keen eye on the community when things were fun back in the day. =D You may remember me better as WiiGamin, if anything.

Smash Bros. for Wii won't have online anymore now that WiiConnect24 and the old online networks are permanently offline as of spring 2014. Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U however are bustling with online activity and the servers perform well, it's great. I have a lot of fun with it. =)

As for setting up online Dolphin... I don't know.

Dolphin Help / Re: Is my computer too slow?
« on: January 02, 2015, 05:35:07 PM »
Hey man, haven't seen you around in a while.

I can't really lend a hand with Dolphin performance tips, but I did look at the GPU that you have. It has no dedicated vRAM [shares memory with the CPU] and only has 192 shader cores at a clock rate range of 533 - 720 MHz, which is pretty much your bottleneck right there. AMD GPUs are indeed poor for Dolphin, which doesn't help your case. (Frankly, AMD CPUs and GPUs as a whole are terrible; they're cheap for a reason)

Maybe someone here can give tips for improving the performance, but given your hardware you'll need a better GPU [preferably Nvidia] to get more reasonable framerates out of Dolphin.

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